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Welcome to our Help section

Below is some FAQs that might help you out solving your problem,
or feel free to call us on: +961 3 786670 we are ready to help you.
  1. How can I return to main page?

    Simply click on the FreeSimsar logo anywhere and return to home page.

  2. Do I need to pay money to post a Classified?

    No, posting classifieds at is completely FREE.

  3. Why do I need to register? What type of registration should I choose?

    Registration is FREE and it is a must to be able to post any classified. provides three types of registration to match your needs and be your window to the extensive large internet market.

    1. Member/ Private Owner:

      This type of registration is mainly addressed to the direct owner of the item. Be your own agent and sell/rent your item directly using

    2. Agent/ Broker:

      Make your own portal and website to promote all your items. Benefit freely from the marketing plans is exercising to reach all potential markets. Your own portal is one click away and FREE.

    3. Developer:

      This section is designed specially for developers to advertise freely their new projects using advanced internet technology. Developers can indicate the location of their projects on Google map, in addition to uploading floor maps, pictures and even videos.

  4. How can I use to advertise my classifieds? offers a wide range of services to help you increase the exposure of your classified.

    1. Photo Orders:

      Nothing works like a photo picture to excite buyers and provide them with a comprehensive view of what you are selling, with just a click of a mouse.

    2. Advertise Here and Hot Deals:

      Benefit from various locations on pages (top, right, left and bottom) to promote your classified and increase its exposure.

    3. Detailed Information offers a wide range of dynamic data fields that help you enlighten your posted classified, which attracts more viewers, leading to the best desired results.

  5. I am a Developer, how can help me?

    • List your projects for FREE.
    • Save on printing cost by uploading floor plans & building specifications.
    • Advertise for your projects at the only real free listing portal in the Middle East.
    • Expose your projects to buyers in Lebanon and subsequently the Middle East.
    • Enable your clients to view your projects progress on line any where in the world.
    • Search for "Aqar" maps.

  6. I am an Agent/ Broker, how can help me?

    • List your properties for FREE.
    • Manage your listings via our portal that is specially designed to tailor for your needs.
    • Receive instant alerts of new postings that match with your clients criteria.
    • Advertise for your agency at the only real free listing portal in the Middle East.
    • Upload your agency logo or your picture and promote your brokerage business.
    • Expose your properties to buyers in Lebanon and subsequently the Middle East.
    • Search for "Aqar" maps online.
    • Benefit from our agency discount rate for any of the offered services.
    • Join our registered brokers list and have your agency information available to users across Lebanon and subsequently the Middle East region.

  7. What is Lot number (or Lot map) search?

    Lot number search allows you to view lot maps "Aqar maps" and their corresponding location on Google map. It also displays any corresponding classifieds that match the desired lot number or even classifieds in same area.

    (Please note that not all areas lot maps are currently available. We will be continuously adding maps for locations across Lebanon so keep checking our latest updates.)

  8. How can I use the Global Search? And why advanced search? is one of the first websites in the region to implement the global search engine concept. This smart technology will make your search simple, easy and enjoyable.

    Simply fill in the search bar with your keywords separated with commas and press enter or the search bottom.

    • Example: 3 bedrooms, Beirut
    • Example: furnished yes, 7th floor
    • Example: Jounieh, 1 bedroom, parking

    Also, you can use the global search engine to search by FreeSimsar's unique identification number by typing "ID" followed by the desired number:

    • Example: ID FS1050

    For searching lot maps "Aqar maps", just insert the term "Lot" followed by the desired number:

    • Example: Lot 600

    "Advanced Search" located on the left side of the page, provides you with the ability to refine your search with a comprehensive and specific detailed criteria.

  9. What is a saved search? How is it related to my alerts?

    Saved search enables you to store your search criteria and use them whenever you are logged in instead of having to input these criteria every time you are looking for an item. Saved search will enable you obtain results by one simple click.

    Your saved search is considered to be one of your search elements, hence an alert is sent to your email when a new posting is added that matches your saved search.

  10. How many fields does my saved search store?

    Saved search option stores ONLY the following fields: Category, Sub Category, Class, purpose, Country, City, Region, and price range.

  11. Why doesn't my saved search work?

    After setting your search criteria in the advanced search section, make sure to press the refine button before saving your search.

    You might be receiving alerts however; your e-mail filter could be saving them as junk e-mails.

  12. What is the "My Alerts/ Saved Search" option?

    This is where you can manage your saved searches and subsequently the criteria for receiving alerts by e-mail for classifieds matching your requirements.

  13. How can I set an alert to stay updated with new postings that meets my criteria?

    E-mail alerts for items that match your saved search criteria are automatically sent to your e-mails once a new relevant item is posted. To receive such alerts go to “Advanced search” and set the search criteria you desire in the "Refine Search" section on the left. Press the refine button and then save your criteria in the "Save your Search" section on the left.

  14. How can I stop receiving e-mail alerts?

    To stop receiving alerts, just delete the saved search criteria from the "My Alerts/ Saved Search" section.

  15. Why do I need to specify the Latitude and Longitude when posting a classified? enables users to search for items by using "Map Search". The Latitude and Longitude will identify the location of your item on the Google map. If these fields are left blank, your item will not show on the map search section.

  16. I don't know my Property Map Location (Latitude and Longitude), how can I set its Coordinates?

    The Google map displayed on the right of "Post an Ad" page is designed to help you in setting the location of your item on the map. Just zoom into the location of your item (you can enlarge the map with the link in the bottom of the map) and a link will appear that once selected will automatically import the Latitude and Longitude to their respective fields. Try it. It is easy, simple and will promote your item on the "Map Search" section.

  17. What is Project Monitor?

    "Project Monitor" is designed to provide users with information on new development projects. Developers post information on their projects in this section. Also, FreeSimsar's professional photographers will post pictures on the progress of works in the requested projects.

  18. What is the University Classified?

    University Classified is a section designed for university students to be able to sell their items free of any charge. Also, marketers targeting university students can promote their products in this section.

  19. Do I need to be a student to post a University Classified?

    No. Anyone can post a classified in "University Classified" section. However, this section is addressing university students accordingly; items should be relevant to this target group.

  20. Does "Advanced Search" support all currencies?

    No. Advanced Search enables you to search in USD only.

  21. How can I tell my friends about a classified?

    If you are an agent who wants to tell a client about your classified or just a user who wants to tell his wife or a friend about a classified that interests you, you can simply send a link to that person's e-mail that will directly display the respective item to him or her. Just click on the envelope icon, enter the person's e-mail and link will be sent to him or her .

    You can also send a notice to the person's facebook by selecting the respective link.

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